About us

We are a team of video producers, project managers, visual and 3D artists to transform great ideas into powerful video content.

Our style, taste and character define converging paths of collaboration and synergy for individuals and artists. Thus, each member of our team is highly motivated to push the boundaries, explore new territories and deliver the best performance. This unique ability and superpowers they have enable us to create breathtaking video content.

Our journey

It all started in 2016 in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Since the very beginning, we have worked and created amazing content for various global brands, advertising agencies, production companies and marketing professionals from all over the world, with constant strive for excellence.
Perfection is a constant process which includes day-to-day improvements and learnings of each team – member. Only by this, we can keep up with the pinnacle performance expected from ourselves.

Our passion

We are avid believers in a fair relationship, common understanding, trust and most importantly, partnership.
We are avid believers in teamwork and mutual benefit. It all starts with a commitment and ours is to create the best videos possible to support your goal and achieve success.
Because of this, we listen, advise, optimize our processes and lead the complete production to meet your ideas, budgets and time frames.

Tell your story with AD+VENTURE.